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Welcome to Sycamore University California Campus.

From our beginning as the Micah Education Mission and Global Professional Intercultural Academy, Sycamore University California Campus seeks to equip students with education and knowledge to fulfill your academic and spiritual endeavors.


As you consider God’s calling, know that your choice of an institution of higher education will be crucial. Your decision can be and should be a school that is committed to the truth of God’s word, and a school that is deeply committed to academic excellence and consecrated learning. As you read these pages with your future in mind, you will find Sycamore University California Campus to be just such a school.


We hope you make use of the comprehensive information available on Sycamore University California Campus to make decisions about your academic goals, and challenge yourself with the wide range of disciplines and programs taught by our faculty. Every professor is charged with the pursuit of academic excellence and has demonstrated valuable experience in his/her academic field. We are proud of all the programs of study you will find in our catalog.


We invite you to consider Sycamore University California Campus as your gateway to a rewarding and fulfilling career.


John Kwon, Ph.D.