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Greetings in the name of Jesus!


Many evangelicals believe we are now living in the time of the second coming of Jesus Christ. Because there are many biblical signs that point to the imminence of His return.

At this time I am reminded of what Jesus says in Matthew 9:37. Jesus teaches us that the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Jesus Christ made it clear that one soul is more important than the whole world. When believers share this heart of Christ, the Holy Spirit will lead them into obeying the Great Commission.

I believe that God started Sycamore University California Campus to carry out this Great Commission during this final time of harvest.

That is why the vision of Sycamore University is to train and build up workers for the final harvest time all over the world. Sycamore University is a unique global institution. Our ministry is to partner with Bible Schools, Colleges, Universities and Seminaries throughout the world that lack access to the resources needed to train and equip workers.

We are able to supply Theological scholars, lecturers, professors, on-line courses as well as administrators on a need basis. Upon completion of our required courses, students will receive an officially recognized degree from Sycamore University California Campus.

We believe that at Sycamore University God is blessing an unprecedented ministry of equipping the saints for the global church. Whether you desire to pursue a calling in pastoral ministry, teaching, spiritual direction, counseling, or you are a lay person seeking to improve your ability to serve, we encourage you to consider being a part of the diverse and mission-driven community at Sycamore University.


Paul Kisul Lee, Ph.D.

Academic Dean